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Summer 2017 Adventure, day 1

I don’t really expect anyone to read this. I’m writing it sort of as a journal for myself. Also, a friend suggested that I’m “living my best life,” so if what I write inspires someone to live a little more, then I think that’s wonderful! I’ll try to be heavy on pictures and light on words. 🙂 Most people who know me know that I love to travel. You might even say that I live and work to travel. Much of the reason is because I like to have experiences. If anyone asks me the purpose of life, I say that the reason is to live, so having many different experiences in my life is part of my version of living. The other side of this is that since I love having so many experiences, I sometimes overindulge. Having great food and tasting all different foods is part of what I love to experience. This brings me to the purpose of this blog. I am currently on a flight from ATL-NYC, and I want to set an intention for this trip. My trip is to travel and have as many experiences as usual but return home without feeling that I need to go on a major cleanse. Since I love to travel and am able to do it more and more, I want to be able to travel without the recovery period. I want to have experiences without abusing my body. I believe it is possible. I’m sure I’ll slip here and there, but I will get back on track. Putting it in writing as I begin this adventure is the first step in acting on my intention.

As I was watching the show, I was thinking that the only reason I was there was because I have a friend in it. That’s OK on it’s own, but what surprised me is that I really enjoyed the show! It’s very clever, current, timeless, and funny, and the singing was quite good! I laughed to so much–probably a bit more than the people around me. The line from the show that really stood out to me is this: “Charlie, you can’t help yourself, can you? You just can’t stop making something out of nothing. Not even when you know its breaking the rules.”

So…this day was pretty close to perfect. I left Atlanta at 9am, made it to Manhattan for lunch, and I got to see two friends who inspire me. Jared is singing on Broadway. He’s happy but always reaching for the stars. Bree has a fancy job at the Clinton Foundation and always has amazing stories from that. Seems like these friends are at the top of their game, and they are, but they are also working hard, dreaming, and striving to fulfill their biggest dreams.

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