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SU17 Adventure, Day 2: High Line and Alive After 5

I took my time with my little breakfast and left the apartment around 10 to walk down 8th Ave to the High Line. I’ve walked the High Line several times, but what makes it fun is that it is constantly changing. It was so lush with greenery, and the weather was just right for a walk. The idea after the High Line was to go to the new Whitney museum in the Meatpacking District. By the time I reached the end of the High Line, it was almost time for the museum to open. I needed something to perk me up, though, so I went to a cafe and was going to get an espresso. I saw that they had a kombuch that I’ve never heard of, so I ordered it. Generally when you order kombucha somewhere, you get a pint. The guy pulled out a bottle, though, and he poured part of the bottle into a tiny class–maybe 1 cup. I was hoping and praying that he would give me the bottle to finish pouring myself after emptying the first pour. Nope. He put the bottle back in the refrigerator and handed me the tiny glass. Well, it was delicious. After a while, he asked how I liked it, and I said that it was great but I wish I had more. He said that this had been a problem before and that it’s an awkward serving size. Apparently, the owner decided that is how much one should get….for $6. I wasn’t angry or demanding more kombucha, but I also wasn’t letting down about how shocking that shot of kombucha was. He gave me a free shot of espresso, and I felt better. 🙂

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