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Parking and truck driver conversations

People sometimes want to know how I do what I do. Well, I search for airfares/vacations all the time, and when I find something affordable that is offered, I book it. I’m going to Iceland first because Wow Airlines has super cheap flights from Boston to Reykjavik. (I’m so excited to be in the Blue Lagoon tomorrow!) Then, I wanted to go to Norway, so I booked A flight from Reykjavik to Oslo on Norwegian Air, which is also very affordable. The return flight to the U.S.A. goes to Fort Lauderdale. There are always affordable flights from FLL to ATL, so great! All of the flights cost less than $800!

I use Peachy Airport Parking because they always after something on Groupon, and they always offer very good service for a good price.

That brings me to the truck driver conversations. While having lunch at The Pecan by gate C1, a loud truck driver showed up having conversations with a man who just retired from the army about everything from gun control to ISIS to France & Germany. I had nothing to add to the conversation, of course, but I like this place. There was a line at Longhorn, and just a few more steps brought me to this experience…oh, and the salad I ate was great!

More to come….

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