Why Le Blanc Spa Resort is My Favorite Adults Only All Inclusive Resort

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

It’s true that I haven’t visited every adults-only all-inclusive resort. It’s also true that based on the reputation of Le Blanc versus other resorts, my opinion will remain the same even after I visit the others. In 2020, I was able to visit Le Blanc Cancun, as well as Le Blanc Los Cabos, and I am currently working on a return visit to Le Blanc Cancun since my first stay was only one night.

Just because Le Blanc is my favorite doesn’t mean it’s for everyone or that I wouldn’t be able to match a client with another resort. Other resorts are wonderful--resorts I have visited, as well as resorts I have not visited. Le Blanc really resonates with me for a number of reasons, and as you continue reading, you will find out why.

Now seems like a good time to mention that because of my agency's affiliations, as well as my relationship with Le Blanc and Palace Resorts, my clients receive added benefits, such as $200 resort credit (use at the spa or on tours), possible upgraded room, and early check-in!


The only unfortunate thing about Le Blanc is that there are only two locations. However, when those two locations are in paradise, maybe that’s enough. Le Blanc Cancun is in the Hotel Zone, which might be a turnoff to some people at first. However, it really is a positive thing. It is about 15 minutes from the airport, and the beaches are consistently beautiful. Because of how Le Blanc is situated, you won’t be bothered by any other nearby resorts.

Le Blanc Los Cabos is about 30 minutes from the SJD airport. While it is not in a busy hotel zone, there are a few other resorts nearby. It is also directly between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. This proximity makes it easy to venture off property for a sunset sail to The Arches or to treat yourself to one of the great restaurants in the area, like Flora Farms.

Food & Beverage

Le Blanc was the third all-inclusive resort I ever visited. The food at the first two was acceptable but not exciting. After checking in at Le Blanc, I had my first lunch at Terraza, their wood fire bistro that overlooks the pool and the ocean. The presentation, ingredients, and flavor of the food were all far above what I had experienced at any of the other resorts.

The same is true for the spicy margarita I ordered from their menu of craft cocktails. I’m sure the bartenders will make you a Bahama Mama or a Long Island Ice Tea, but they’re not prominently on the menu. The menu clearly required some thought and creativity in its creation. Another thing worth mentioning is that when you go to the different restaurants, you’ll find different drink menus created for those restaurants. For example, the Italian restaurant won’t feature a margarita. Instead, you’ll find appropriate Italian cocktails, such as a Negroni.

Mixologist at Blanc Fire

Whether it was dinner at Lumière, the multi-course French restaurant, or in-room breakfast, the food was wonderful on my first stay at Le Blanc Cancun, as well as during my longer stay at Le Blanc Los Cabos. I’m not a picky eater, but I am picky about quality. I have never had a complaint about the food at Le Blanc. It is fantastic. Also, at most all-inclusive resorts, the wine list for included wines is non-existent. You can choose red, white, or maybe rosé. However, at Le Blanc, there is a respectable list of wines that are included, as well as a list of wines that would cost extra and they are all presented beautifully on an iPad.


Just like my first meal at Le Blanc, the service is noticeably different from the moment you approach the building. I will pause here to say that one of the reasons I have fallen in love with Mexico is because of the quality of service everywhere. The people are kind and engaging, and they are happy to help. At Le Blanc, though, the service is over the top. After being greeted at the door, you are escorted to the check-in area, where you are given a welcome beverage, and a warm, weighted pillow is placed on your shoulders. You might not think you want anything warm on your shoulders in Mexico, but it is so relaxing!

From this moment on, the service is seamless. A bellman will escort you to your room if it is ready. If it isn’t ready, they will send you an email when it is ready, and someone will guide you to wherever you would like to go and wait (for me, it was lunch). Upon arrival at your room, you get to know your butler, who will do anything for you from unpacking your bags, shining your shoes, preparing a bath, making dinner reservations, and more. They are unbelievably wonderful.

The butler even poured the wine and gave me a chocolate!

Regardless of where you are at Le Blanc, you receive excellent service. Another outstanding feature for me is the pool service. As you approach one of the pools, you will be greeted by a person who will help you find the perfect chair and will also set up towels and water, as well as an umbrella, if needed. While you might expect people to serve you drinks, this kind of service is unexpected. Don’t worry, the servers for food & drinks are also highly attentive at the pools!