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Cancun During COVID, Part 2: Le Blanc Spa Resort

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

This is part 2 of a 3 part blog post about my recent stay at three resorts in Cancun, Mexico. As I mentioned in part 1, those of us in the travel community understand that we need to be pioneers in traveling again. While I might have been a bit nervous starting my trip, in no way did I feel that I was putting myself in danger during my trip. As I've learned throughout life, the thought of doing something is usually worse than actually doing it. With all of the precautions put into place by every travel related company (airlines, hotels, etc), the experience feels quite safe once you do it. Whether you are interested in domestic or international travel, I would be happy to talk at any time about my experiences and what might work for you!

DRIVE TO LE BLANC—Le Blanc Spa Resort is in the Hotel Zone, which is about a 35 minute drive from Costa Mujeres. Arriving in the Hotel Zone, I realized how different it is, since it was my first time. It felt much more like Miami Beach, with one resort after another. I had a conversation with Chloe (at TRS) after our yoga class about the reputation of Cancun, which previously had a very “spring break” vibe but has been come much more upscale. There are still certain resorts that perpetuate that reputation, but other resorts are doing things differently. Arriving at Le Blanc, I could instantly tell that it was an upgrade from my previous resort. The design and service are very polished and classy. I was greeted at my car and escorted inside after using hand sanitizer and sanitizing my shoes. I should note here that all staff at Le Blanc were wearing masks, and there were plexiglass barriers at desks, etc.

I was greeted at the door with a welcome drink, which was a delicious coconut milk beverage in a champagne glass. Check-in was quick and easy, and I could understand and hear the person at the desk, unlike at TRS. She also provided me with a warm, weighted pillow on my shoulders for relaxation. It was a very nice touch!

When I turned around, I found out that my butler was behind me and ready to escort me to my room. When we got to my room, he showed me all of the features, including the menus for aromatherapy, handmade soaps, in-room dining, and the jacuzzi. The room also has a liquor dispenser (vodka, scotch, tequila, and gin), as well as a nice bottle of wine. As the butler was leaving, the bellman arrived with my suitcase and made sure I had ice. I quickly went to the butler’s desk to make a dinner reservation at Lumière, the French restaurant. I was informed that they require long pants, which meant I needed to go shopping.

TERRAZA—There were two options for lunch, so I chose the outdoor wood fire grill. Since the resort is right on the ocean, the view from this 3rd floor restaurant was perfect! The cocktail and wine lists for included beverages are extensive, which is very nice. I had a spicy margarita, and it was delicious. As I look at my image of Terraza, it doesn't look real, but I promise you that it is! To begin my enormous lunch, I had a Greek salad, followed by ceviche (actually had a different name), salmon en papillote, and pavlova for dessert. It was all as beautiful as it looks! The infinity pool that you see is next to Terraza, it is also a wonderful place to be.

SHOPPING--Fortunately, we were near a shopping mall, so after lunch, I drove there and found some pants at H&M. Interestingly, dressing rooms were closed because of COVID. Fortunately, I found a very comfortable pair of linen pants with a drawstring waistband, which will be a nice addition to my wardrobe. Even better, they were only about $20! It was interesting that there is quite a difference in English usage at the shopping mall than at resorts. The people working there spoke English but were much less comfortable with it and were still very friendly and helpful.

POOL TIME—I spent some quality time at the main pool (1 of 3), which is a large infinity pool overlooking the ocean There are many loungers available, a swim-up bar, and a gelato stand. The other guests seemed to be mostly Americans, which is in contrast to TRS Coral Hotel, where there were more Mexicans. I mention that because someone told me that like Americans, Mexicans are mostly traveling domestically this year, so TRS appeared to be a place that was more attractive to them for some reason. There appeared to be two groups of people at the pool. One was definitely a wedding party, and I’m not sure about the other one. Regardless, they seemed to be making a conscious choice to travel together and not be distanced from each other.

With a bit more time before dinner, I explored the other pool, which is next to Terraza. It is a much smaller pool but a better view since it is a level higher. The staff was very attentive at both pools, and there is always someone ready to offer you food or drink.

DINNER AT LUMIÈRE—The butler escorted me to the restaurant. He wasn’t sure that my sandals were closed enough. They are Keen sandals that I purchased specifically for this purpose, when men aren’t allowed to show their toes at dinner. Fortunately, I was allowed into the restaurant, and the tablecloth was long enough that no ladies were scandalized by seeing hints of my feet. The meal was beautiful. I can't remember what all of the courses were, but it began with a couple of "amuse bouches" and was followed by soup, salad, fish, and dessert. Everything was wonderful! I was seated by a lovely couple from Texas. They are apparently members of Palace Resorts and for years have frequently been visiting the different properties .They assured me that the standards are high at all of the Palace Resorts, even the family resorts. Joan and John are the owners of a Bed and Breakfast in Arlington, Texas, called The Sanford House. It looks absolutely beautiful, and I hope to visit! They also arranged for me to have a deep tissue massage at the spa so that I could experience that. Exciting! I stumbled/rolled out of the restaurant and was soon ready for bed!

YOGA & SPA—Something I like about Le Blanc is that you can have breakfast in your room starting at 6am. It starts at 7am in the restaurants, but as an early riser who likes to eat upon rising, this worked out really well! I had a beautiful omelet with a fruit plate. Needing to experience all of the things, I registered to participate in aqua board yoga, which scared me a bit since I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It was quite a setup, actually. With ropes that stretched from one end of the pool to the other, stand up paddle boards were attached to them. At 8am, I swam to the center of the pool and met the teacher. While much of the class was seated, there were a number of standing poses too. I didn’t fall, but I came close! Considering the fear of falling, it wasn’t the most relaxing yoga class, but it was certainly a decent workout, especially for the core. I had a while to recover, have a snack and get ready for my hydrotherapy appointment at 10, to be followed by my 11:00 massage. In addition to a bit of time at the beach, I stopped by the coffee shop, which also had beautiful chocolates and macarons (all included)!

THE SPA--I arrived at the spa for the hydrotherapy, and I had a guide for the whole experience. He took me to dressing room, where I got a robe. He then took me to the sauna for ten minutes. Next was the ice room, where I was told to rub shaved ice on my body, followed by aloe vera. Then, he escorted me to the steam room but told me to put conditioner on my hair first, as well as a mud mask on my face. After 5 minutes in there, I walked into the ice plunge. After the ice plunge was the jacuzzi, and then a very calm pool at a very comfortable temperature. I was extremely relaxed and couldn’t believe that I had an 80 minute massage in my near future. After a quick shower, I was given some water, put on my robe, and was taken to a relaxation room to wait for the massage therapist. Other than twisting, bending, and beating me for 80 minutes, she asked if I wanted rosemary, lavender, or lemongrass. I chose rosemary since she said it was for detox. When the time came for that, I don’t know what she did (where the fragrance actually came from), but she asked me to inhale and exhale three times. It was wonderful, and I’m sure I am now free of all impurities. Some of the massage was pretty painful, and she asked several times If I wanted less pressure. I just let her keep going, so hopefully I’m better for it!

After the massage, I tried to have a quick lunch, which turned out to take longer than I had hoped. I think something was lost in translation, and I wasn't specific enough, when I said that I just wanted to get something quick. Everything turned out fine. It was just cutting it a bit close for my extended check out time, and I was ready to get to Palmaïa. I returned to the room, got my bags packed, checked out, and I was on my way! The final photo is a farewell gift that Le Blanc gives, which says "Turtles always return home. We hope so will you. Wishing you a safe journey. Live. Love. Le Blanc."

Here you can watch a brief video of my entire experience. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more beautiful content. Also, feel free to contact me via my website or email, and visit me on Instagram and Facebook!

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Jonathan Pilkington
Jonathan Pilkington
02 sept. 2020

Yes, the pavlova was amazing!! There was someone in the pool, but I think they were working. Good eye!


Mike Coleman
Mike Coleman
02 sept. 2020

Your very own pavlova. Nice! In the video, the shot of the pool at night is beautiful. Couldn't tell if there was someone in the pool. That would be me! Looking forward to Part 3.

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