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Why I Started a Podcast (and why I think it matters)

I don't even like to talk, but I started a podcast! Well, that's not totally true. I'm not exactly a talker, but I LOVE having conversations with interesting people, especially when we share similar interests. At this stage in my life, I've met a lot of people in different places, who work in different fields, so I started reaching out to some of them to see if they would like to be guests. Not only are they willing, but they are excited to be guests, so the podcast has begun.

It is called "Just Beautiful Experiences: Travel, Food, Music," so I am having conversations about travel, food, and music with people who work in travel, food, and music. I've had three conversations (or interviews) so far, and they're really fun and informative. These people are brilliant at what they do, and when they say something great, as I edit the episodes, I'm so happy to have a recording of what they said. I hope that you, the audience, will also be inspired by my guests!

Why am I doing this?

  • It's been on my mind for a while, so sheltering-in-place during a pandemic was the inspiration I needed to make it happen.

  • I am passionate about travel, food, and music (in no particular order), so this is an attempt to bring those worlds together. I am a successful voice teacher with a lot of experience, and I will continue that career (currently accepting students), hopefully until I am very old. I've been a travel advisor for a year now, and that was going well until COVID-19 hit. I don't work in the food industry, but food is another lifelong passion. I see these all as beautiful experiences, which I discuss more in the first episode. Whether it is travel, music, or food, I think I have a knack for various elements together into a beautiful experience.

  • A podcast can help my guests reach a wider audience. The guests are typically either small business owners, or they work for a company that I respect and want to support. These days, we all need a little help!

  • This is a learning experience! By having these conversations, I'm learning more about what the guests do, but I'm learning little tidbits about life from each of them.

  • It's about connections. Travel, food, and music are things that help to bring us together in our lives. As I connect with my podcast guests by discussing these topics, I hope to be promoting ideals that will enrich lives and make the world a better place.

Why I think it matters:

  • Travel, food, and music are things that help to foster beautiful experiences for me, especially when you mindfully partake in them. There is also beauty in the sincere pursuit of these experiences, instead of aimlessly plowing through life.

  • If NASCAR and NBA are your beautiful experiences, then great. We definitely don't have that in common, and that's fine. Something to consider, which I am also working on, is whether the experiences are in line with your values and contribute to the greater good. For example, are my travel dollars going somewhere that I feel good about?

  • This all sounds so serious, but my conversations are not very serious. The same is true for my life. I might prefer to eat eggs from local, free-range hens, but I'm not mourning the fact that my most recent eggs came from Costco. I'm still making a delicious breakfast and enjoying it each morning while I watch the sun rise, because that is what I consider to be beautiful way to start my day.

  • it's about practicing mindfulness, intention, and gratitude. They say practice makes perfect, but it also assumes that we are not perfect!

Please listen to my podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, and feel free to contact me with questions, ideas for guests, travel planning, or voice lessons!

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