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The Traveling Tenor

I love this photo and also find it hilarious. It captures the idea of The Traveling Tenor, though!

Have you heard of a multi-passionate entrepreneur? I hadn't until about two years ago. The term is self-explanatory, and it helped me to realize that I can do more than one thing at a time in my career. Some advice I received suggested that I should keep the two sides of my life separate. On concern of mine has been that when I meet someone and they ask what I do, if I say, "I'm a singer, voice teacher, and a travel advisor," they only want to talk about singing. They either don't hear the "travel advisor" part, or it sounds like someone who wants to take their money.

I tried the approach of keeping music and travel separate, and maybe it was a good idea for a while. Since being a travel advisor is technically a sales job that was new to me, it required more work to build the business and promote it on social media, etc. I was teaching voice lessons the entire time, and although I was fully present with my students during their lessons, the voice and singing side of my life did not receive as much attention. All the while, I was seeking balance and how to integrate my two worlds.

When a university voice teaching job became available, I was really interested in applying. Having that job would mean better financial security, working with dedicated students, and being part of a respected institution. It would also mean a more rigid schedule and meetings to attend. If the university would even allow a "side gig," it would potentially be a challenge to find time to maintain the travel business. The availability of this job was exciting but also caused me anxiety, which I had to figure out.

On a car ride, I had time to do some thinking. What I realized is that I MUST teach voice. I can confidently say that I am good at it, and I believe that the teaching and singing side of my career deserves a higher profile. The question was how to do that. As someone who has become very active on social media, I realized that my social media presence needs to better reflect both sides of my career, and that is where the idea of The Traveling Tenor was born.

As a voice teacher, I am serious about connecting with people and facilitating transformation. Voices become more beautiful, more free, more authentic, and more functional. As a singer, I intend to apply what I teach (practice what I preach) and connect with my audience to move something inside that encourages change for the better.

As a travel advisor, I am serious about connecting with people and facilitating transformation. Matching clients with the right travel experience allows them to relax, grow, connect (with themselves, nature, family, locals, etc), and return home with a new perspective. As an avid traveler, I intend to connect with the world, experience the beauty of nature and humanity, and gain improved perspective.

Entrepreneurs tend to say "you are the brand," so by intentionally combining the two sides of my career, I will be portraying a more authentic version of me, and for me, authenticity is always better. Not only will I give more attention to music and singing on social media, but there will be more work behind the scenes, as I practice, attend workshops, perform, etc. The traveling will remain!

My dreams include hosting small group trips to various destinations (Europe, or even the US and other countries) for music-themed tours. For example, a Danube river cruise with special excursions related to music (Mozart in Salzburg, Beethoven & Schubert in Vienna, Bartok in Budapest). How about a few days in London to attend the BBC Proms, Evensong at Westminster Abbey, and a recital at Wigmore Hall? The possibilities are endless!

Of course, there are also the cruises and all-inclusive resorts that allow us to let go of all worries and be served for a number of days. There is always a place for them, and if the only cultural experience is eating local food at the resort (or on a cruise) and talking with staff, then that is ok. Sometimes you need cultural immersion, and sometimes you need intense relaxation!

Please follow me on Instagram at The_Traveling_Tenor, and let me know if you need a voice teacher or a soloist, or if you need help organizing a dream vacation or cultural exploration. I look forward to hearing from you (contact buttons are at the top of the page)!

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