My AmaMagna Experience: You Really Should Try a River Cruise!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

After an insanely busy December, I was ready to get away! I left Atlanta on December 27 to arrive in Munich on the 28th. I took the Lufthansa Express Bus from the airport to the train station, which was very easy and inexpensive. My hotel, Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, was right by the train station. I had a lovely time in Munich and loved the hotel, but this post is about my cruise.

I took the train from Munich to Vilshofen, the embarkation port for AmaMagna. It was an easy walk from the train station to the ship. (pro tip: I had saved the Vilshofen map in Google Maps, with the port location starred so that I could keep my phone in airplane mode.) I was early, by the way, so I reached the ship at around 11:00 in the morning. My first view of the ship:

I learned quickly that if you have only been on ocean cruises, then a river cruise has very few similarities. I was greeted by two men outside the ship, and they checked to be sure my name was on the guest list. I can't remember whether they checked ID or not. One of them took my bags and escorted me to the reception desk, where I was quickly checked in. My cabin wasn't quite ready, so I was told that I could go to Al Fresco for lunch and that someone would find me when the cabin was ready.

I'll pause here to mention my first impression of the ship. I had watched a few videos and had seen pictures, so I had an idea. The ship was really beautiful--better than expected, especially with the Christmas decorations. The entire ship was decked with decorations. It was really stunning!

Back to lunch: I found a nice, healthy spread of food available in Al Fresco, which is the restaurant the the front of the ship on the top level. It's a great place to be when the ship is sailing down the Danube. I had a light lunch (pacing myself) of split pea soup and a few other things. It was all very good. My only complaint was that nearly everything contained cucumbers (YUCK), but they were easily removed. Just as I was standing up from my table after eating, someone was walking towards me and said that he was looking for me to take me to my room. I was very impressed, because I assumed that I would have to wait several hours!

He (can't remember his name!) was very personable, and we had a nice chat as he escorted me to my cabin. He told me that he would be my butler if I needed anything while on board, and he encouraged me to make dinner reservations that afternoon. As we entered my cabin, he explained things to me, like where lights switches are, as well as the iPad that controls lighting and temperature. This became very handy, because I could keep it my the bed to turn the lights on & off or adjust temperature without getting up!

First impressions of the cabin: It was huge for a cruise cabin and beautiful. The bathroom was fantastic, with two sinks, marble, nice lighting, and a big rainfall shower. There was a small sofa in the room, with to small tables in front of it. This was facing the desk with the iMac, which you could use as a television or to play music. The bed was fantastic and faced a large television, and the balcony was wonderful, with two chairs and a table. I truly loved this room and made myself at home. I probably could live in it!

From this point on, I'll focus on the overall experience, instead of a play-by-play of the entire 7 days!

Food: First, I'll just say that the food was very good. I honestly don't have any complaints about my meals.

Breakfast: There was always food available in the morning for early risers in Al Fresco, and the main dining room would open at 7:00 or 7:30 for the full breakfast. I am an early riser, so my breakfast was typically in Al Fresco. There was a variety of cereals, müsli, granola, yogurt, fruit, etc. A bit later, there would be eggs & bacon. OH, and the coffee machine was wonderful. There are two automatic espresso machines with options like espresso, mocha, latte, cappuccino, etc. Since I typically eat 5 times a day, I would have the light breakfast early and go back mid-morning for a bit of protein before going out for a tour! :)

Lunch: Similar to breakfast, you could have lunch in Al Fresco or the Main Dining Room. My lunches were almost always in the Main Dining Room. There was a buffet, as well as a menu. The buffet had a nice variety of typical lunch food (salads, sandwiches, etc), and there was always a chef's station (carving meat, making pho, etc). Sometimes there was a theme, such as Bavarian lunch, which was wonderful. The menu always had burgers, soup, and a few other items. Here are a few lunch photos: