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Magic Trail, Tapas, and Asian Gardeners

After 7 years of living in northeast Georgia (NE GA is a beautiful place with beautiful people–just not where I need to live), I had enough of that seclusion and have recently moved into a condo in Atlanta. It was quickly my favorite place I’ve ever lived. I’ll always love NYC, but this condo itself fantastic, as well as its location. Almost anyone who knows me knows that I am slightly obsessed with Eclipse di Luna, a tapas restaurant in Buckhead, and the fact that my condo is within walking distance of Eclipse di Luna sealed the deal! Before I moved in, I heard rumor (from Scott, the bartender) that there was a trail that led from Eclipse di Luna to my condo. I had him show me one day, and ever since, I’ve referred to it as “the magic trail.” Not only does it lead me to delicious tapas and great fun, but it’s such an interesting path. It is a random dirt road in the middle of Buckhead that dead-ends at a retirement community that is next to my condo development. On my first trek down the magic trail, I noticed vegetable gardens along the edges of the path, but I had no idea who was responsible for them.

A while later, I noticed some old Asian people from the retirement community tending to the gardens. Most impressively, I saw a little old lady pushing a grocery cart filled with gallon jugs of water up to her garden plot. Remember this is a dirt road, so pushing a “buggy” on a dirt road can’t be easy! On a walk last night, I saw here again, and we both said hello. Maybe she’ll be a future friend!

Backing up a bit from last night, a few weeks after I moved in, I noticed that tractors and other big equipment were on my trail, and they chopped down some trees (the retirement community came out to watch), cleared some of the growth, and they started doing some grating (grading?). I had no idea what was happening–didn’t know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. I asked Scott if he knew what was happening, and he said that it would be connecting to the Atlanta BeltLine! I had to go home and do some research, so I found out that my magic trail was becoming part of Path 400, which will eventually connect to the BeltLine and run along part of GA-400. Not only are they building a Kroger in my neighborhood, but I have a biking & running trail that will connect me to the best parts of Atlanta!

This is the Path 400, which comes between my condo development (on the right) and the retirement community (on the left). I hope the Path 400 and the gardens can coexist!

Needless to say, I feel like I made the right move in getting this condo, and there are plenty of other reasons that I absolutely love it! Perhaps those will be in a future blog post…

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