Last day of this trip & Closing thoughts

 Considering that I only had about 1/2 a day to complete my time in Oslo, I was pretty productive. It certainly helped that it was another beautiful day! After breakfast, finishing up yesterday’s blog, and actually falling asleep again (because I woke up around 5:30), I went out to explore the Akershus Fortress at the recommendation of my host. On the way there, I stopped by Joe and the Juice, a juice and coffee bar that I’ve seen since I was in Reykjavik. I got a juice that I believe was called Joe’s Green Kiss. I had freshly squeezed spinach, apple, and ginger. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to try it before leaving Scandinavia. Yum!

Akershus was a short walk from there, and it is an old fortress area between Aker Brygge and the Opera House. There are many buildings to see and a nice view of the port, although the place wasn’t actually open when I was there. It was a nice place to walk around and take some photos, anyway. I thought I might go into the Visitor’s Center, which had some sort of exhibit, at 10:00, but when it wasn’t open at 10:03, I left.

I decided to just wander around the main shopping area, which is basically like wandering around 34th street in NYC. I went into Steen & Strøm, Oslo’s equivalent to Macy’s or one of the major stores in London. It is a very nice store, and of course, I was interested in their food court on the bottom level. They have several very nice establishments down there, including a sushi place called Jonathan! It must be good! They also had a Marks & Spencer (or M&S), a store I always enjoy in London. The Scandinavian people seem to have an obsession with stuff in tubes. When I was at Anne-Helene’s in Bergen, she served me caviar in a tube, but they have several varieties of tubular goo. Here they had BaconOst, SkinkeOst (ham), and BBQ Chicken Ost. The caviar at breakfast was supposed to be eaten with the soft boiled egg. Not sure of the use of all of this stuff, but I can imagine that it would go on toast. Using Google Translate, I found out that “ost” is cheese, so Bacon Cheese, Ham Cheese, BBQ Chicken Cheese…hmmm….

I went in several other stores, which I always enjoy since it just gives a good feel for the culture of the area. I noticed a lot of book stores everywhere I was on this trip, so I went in two today. I was most excited by, and tempted to buy, a 48 CD collection of Ella Fitzgerald because it was pretty inexpensive. It must be all of her recordings! I resisted, hoping that I could either find it at home or find the recordings that I want on vinyl.

Eventually, I made it to where i was planning to have lunch, which was Fiskeriet Youngstorget, a fish market and restaurant. When I got there, I noticed an outdoor area with some vendors setting up in the plaza nearby, including some food vendors, as well as a random assortment of vendors selling things like records and DVDs. I flipped through the records a bit but didn’t feel terribly inspired to buy anything. I went ahead and went to get my lunch. Considering the ridiculous eating I’ve done lately, I wanted something on the lighter side. What I had been considering all along was fish soup, which is apparently something very common in Norway. Bacalao is another thing they have often, and I was truly torn about what to order. Even worse, once I went ahead and ordered the fish soup, I noticed that they had salads ready to go, which is less expensive than eating in. Oh well, I had chosen the fish soup, and I was happy with my decision. It was delicious and a good last meal in Oslo.