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Day 7: Red Funnel to Southampton & NCL Jade

I purchased a ferry ticket and boarded quickly. This time, it was the express ferry from West Cowes that moves faster and is only for foot passengers. It really was a much faster ride. I saw the Norwegian Jade as we arrived at port. I arrived in Southampton with time to kill, so I took a quick stroll through the historic part of town. I’m glad I did it, because the history is quite interesting. Not only did the Titanic leave from Southampton, but so did the Mayflower!! There are also remains there from medieval times.

After a bit of exploring the ship, I returned to my suite to put on my gym shorts, since I had either forgotten my bathing suit or wasn’t expecting it to be hot enough to be by the pool. While I was in the room, the doorbell rang, and someone brought a flower arrangement and a basket of fruit. So nice!

I went back to the pool for a few minutes and then went to my room to shower and get ready for the evening. When I returned, I found chocolate covered strawberries! 🙂 The suite life!

I checked out two different shows. The first was a broadway cabaret in the theatre. I didn’t really like it from the beginning, but I gave it a few songs before I decided to leave. The selections were just not great–sort of long, slow, and boring. Also, the female singers were singing flat belting in a way that was not good. Ugh, I wanted to help them with their technique and their song choices! I then went up to the Spinnaker Lounge, where they were having a party with live music. This lounge has a great view of the outside, so I admired the view as I waited for the music to begin. It started, and soon after, I realized that this girl also was not singing well. I can listen to a certain amount of bad singing, but I don’t find it enjoyable unless they make up for it somehow. That sealed the deal, and I decided to go sit on my own balcony. I sat on my chaise and watched as we passed between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. At some point, another boat started following us for quite a while. I think they were just having fun in the wake of our ship. I finally decided to retire for the evening. I turned on the television for a few minutes and saw the news of District 6 election on BBC News. They were in Atlanta, and here I was on a cruise ship approaching the North Sea!

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