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WOW Air and A10 Deluxe

After a perfectly lovely flight on Southwest from ATL-BOS, I retrieved my bag and walked “a country mile” from Terminal A to Terminal E. Logan Airport has a bus for transfers between terminals, but I decided to take the pedestrian bridge that goes directly from A to E. I figured the stress level would be lower that way, and the exercise would be good for me. It was a long walk, even with the moving sidewalks. Not too bad, though.

Checking in with WOW Air was an experience. I was annoyed with everyone in front of me because they were taking a long time and having to rearrange and re-pack their luggage. I assumed that they were just dumb, annoying people, but actually the WOW agents were Nazis about weight. I had paid extra to check my bag, so I knew that wasn’t going to be a problem for me. I didn’t realize that there was a 5 Kg weight limit on carry-on bags (nor did anyone else), so I had to remove some non-essential items from my backpack and put them in my checked suitcase until it weighed exactly 5 K! It all worked out fine, and it was actually a good thing to be carrying a lighter backpack.

The flight experience was uneventful (a good thing!). I paid extra for seat A1, which had extra legroom, so I was right in front. The flight attendants wear fun uniforms, and the same color is all over the plane inside and out. No free beverages or food is given on the flight, which actually wasn’t a problem. When you leave the USA at 7 pm for a 5 hour flight, you really don’t need anything. I ate a bit of trail mix and drank my own water. There was a duty-free catalog and plenty of snacks & beverages available for purchase.

I watched an episode of Mr. Selfridge from last season, since I am trying to catch up to the current season (finishing at doctoral degree last year didn’t allow enough time for another British TV series). I played some games on my phone, did some reading, and finally was able to get a bit of sleep. I happened to bring a mask along with me since I knew that the sunrise in Iceland & Norway is between 4 & 5 AM. It was a major help!

The Keflavik airport is a very nice airport, and it was empty when we arrived, as I was the first person off the plane. Getting my passport checked & stamped was a breeze, and there was a big duty free shop at baggage claim, so that was a good way to kill time as the bags made their way to us. I got 10000 Icelandic Krona from the ATM (about $75), found a taxi, and went to the A10 Deluxe B&B/Guesthouse.

As promised, it was OK for me to check-in at the A10 Deluxe at 4:30 AM. The owner got out of bed, gave me a key, and told me when breakfast was served. After a bit of time, I was actually able to get some more sleep until about 8:30, which is exactly what I wanted. This was just a place to rest for a few hours before catching the bus to the Blue Lagoon, but I wish I could stay here longer. It’s such a nice, homey place, but I’m sure many nice places await me!

Breakfast was perfect, in a nice, sunny room, and now I have the leisure to sit here and write this in my room before I take the guesthouse’s shuttle back to the airport at 11!

The breakfast spread:

The lovely breakfast room:

Oh, and this stuff they call “sour milk” is delicious. I think we’d call it “drinkable yogurt.”

How could I forget a picture of my breakfast. Not included here is a bit of pâté that I ate with my second egg. I promise future food pics will be more appetizing.

Also, this is one of the local spirits for sale in the duty free shop. Good for the voice, apparently!

And the money…..

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