I’m now on the train en route to Flåm. We’re approaching Ustaoset, and this place is a winter wonderland! The ground is covered with snow, and the water is frozen. I wasn’t expecting this, but it’s completely beautiful. The rest of the train ride has been great too, and it has only gotten better as it it’s gone along. It’s like judging a singing competition. You don’t know how to judge the beginning until you get farther into it. As we left Oslo and saw the first sights of fjords, everyone, including me, started snapping pictures like crazy. Then, as we got farther along, I started looking back at pictures and deleting ones that I knew would not make the cut later. Here are a few pictures from the ride:

Well, the morning began with me waking at 5:30 (like I often do at home), although I had hoped to sleep until 6:15. Why is it that no matter what time zone I am in, no matter how many miles I have walked, and no matter how late I go to bed, my body wants to wake up at 5:30?!?!?! I made breakfast, packed, and headed out the door to the bus stop to get to the train station by 8:25. I arrived early, which gave me time to get a salad and a Norwegian Yogurt (“Go Morgen,” a play on their term for “good morning,” which is “god morgon”) for the train ride. The train headed to Bergen was on track 3, so I made my way down there. It showed up a few minutes later, and I easily found my way to my assigned seat, which fortunately was a window seat with an empty aisle seat. Perfect for taking photos and going to the bathroom!

Just like when it snows in Georgia, everyone on the train seems to be excited to see the snow here in Norway. The “road noise” from the train is even quieter. There are houses scattered all over the snowy landscape. Many of them are red, some are yellow, and some even have grass roofs! We arrive in Myrdal in about 30 minutes, where I have a “layover” of about 30 minutes to take the Flåm Railway.