Copenhagen/København, Torvehallerne, & Alpha Waves

 Well, I seem to be on a alternation of sleep patterns. I think the constant rocking of the ship lulled me to sleep rather than keeping me awake. That’s very fortunate, considering that there would be nowhere to nap today! I had already bought yogurt and blueberries in Oslo, so I just needed to go up to deck 7 for some coffee. I got my coffee and had my light breakfast in my room. Since the ship was scheduled to arrive in Copenhagen (København) at 9:45, I had plenty of time to leisurely prepare for my day, which is ideal. I was on the 7th deck using wifi as I noticed we were docking, so I went down to my room to gather my things.

It was a nice journey there. I was by a canal, I suppose and crossed over a beautiful wooden bridge with a grand gate. On the map, I had noticed something in the shape of a star, and that was where I was. This was some sort of old fortress. On the map, I also saw that I was very close to the Little Mermaid, but I couldn’t get there because of the water surrounding this star-shaped fortress, so I used some of my cellular data to get walking directions. I had to cross that bridge again and get up onto another bridge. One I did that, it was pretty easy to get there.

When I arrived, I saw several tour buses parked there—all to see this little statue. Apparently the statue was given to the city of Copenhagen by the man who owned Carlsberg Brewing Company. I actually didn’t realize until then that “The Little Mermaid” is by Hans Christian Anderson, who is Danish. For some reason, I thought it was a Czech folk tale, because of the opera, “Rusalka.” Sounds like I need to do some research.

It really is a beautiful statue that sits on a rock in the water, and the view of the city behind it is lovely. Someone was selling figurines near the statue for 5 Euros or $10. Maybe she hasn’t heard, but the dollar is currently almost equal to the Euro!

According to the map, it would be a pretty straight shot into the center of town, so I thought I would head that way and decide on my next stop along the way. After passing a beautiful Episcopal church and a grand fountain, I was on a busy city street. One of the things I passed was a bakery. Denmark is known for Danishes, right!??! I think the one on the bottom is the authentic “Danish.” I resisted the temptation.