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About My Solo Trip to a Couples Only Resort #savage

Solo dinner with a view!

There are times when I enjoy traveling with other people, but even then, I typically want to have a room to myself. After deciding to postpone a solo trip to Costa Rica, I quickly planned a trip to Cancun for myself and stayed at Sun Palace, which is marketed as a "couples only" resort. Realistically, I think that is because all rooms have 1 king bed. There are no rooms with 2 double or 2 queen beds.

Being a solo traveler at a couples resort sounds uncomfortable, right? Actually, my first trip to an all-inclusive resort was in 2018, and it was somewhat uncomfortable. EVERY time I went to a restaurant ALONE, they asked, "table for two?" Every time, I would look around for the second person and reply, "no, it's just me." This wasn't a couples resort. It was just adults only. I actually complained, and their response was that it is what they are trained to say. Needless to say, it is not on the top of my list of places to recommend.

Cheers to you, Solo Savage!

Since then, I have been to about 10 other all-inclusive resorts, and the treatment has always been better than that first experience. There were a few times at Sun Palace when staff made comments, such as "table for two," or once when a member of the activities staff asked if I was traveling alone and then asked "why?" I just responded, "it's what I do." Other times, I have responded, "I am enough."

Plenty of space to spread out!

One thing about travel at this time, during COVID, is that there are fewer people around to talk with. Also, even when I might normally feel like engaging in conversation with a fellow guest, I just don't get that close to people because I don't either of us to be at risk of spreading the virus to each other. I mention that to say that I didn't feel any weird vibes from other guests. I saw girlfriends traveling together, parents with adult children, as well as typical couples. Although it's "couples only," it's not like a hedonism resort. Around the pool, it was just people having a good time, and at meals, it was no big deal.

If you are a solo traveler, good for you! If you want to be a solo traveler, let's talk! You might think you'll look sad and lonely to other people, but typically, I think people will applaud you for your bravery. Often, I think they are envious and would like to be able to travel alone! Ultimately, all that is required to successfully travel solo is a mindset and a certain level of confidence. You are enough!

P.S. Food, drinks, room, service, etc were all excellent at Sun Palace. I can highly recommend it for solo travelers, couples, or friends. We can talk to figure out if it's the right choice for you!

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